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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

saje buat posing orang penat balik kerja Posted by Picasa

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my seniors,abang Eric and abang John Posted by Picasa

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my table ~ Posted by Picasa

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susah ni kerja beb..bukan senanggg hahaha Posted by Picasa

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pehhhhh card akuu tuuu... hohohoh Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

curl - eh sapa tu lah yang baling bola bowling macam makcik tuu Posted by Picasa

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best pal Hazwan a.k.a curlmaster..poyo lah lu wan Posted by Picasa

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mom got into a minor accident on my house row.. lol kantooiii Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Heylow ppl,congratulations to those whom well,got their PMR results,no matter how bad it is,you know you tried your best rite?

So,anyway my life today is ok.Got my first ever problem in work solved and i got a nice Good job from my supervisor which kept my mood up all day really.Its not that easy you know!~ making sure a year worth of invoices,credit notes,debit notes and reconcile everything for a summary.I did that ^^

Oh ya,tommorow im going to bring my digicam to work,so i can take some pictures about my office,and how i go there and stuff..its gonna be nice ^^
stay tuned ya?

Bosstrain at 9:33 PM

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

TopSecret Skyline GTR,i dont know why ..but i really think Smoky San did an awesome job on this baby,you guys want to know something? This car managed to hit 340kmh on the Autobahn! nutcase San brought this car from Japan to Germany simply just to test its potential in Germany..lolz ass~

Bosstrain at 10:29 PM

Monday, December 19, 2005

I tell you lah after i get the out of there..lolz.

- woke up at 6.mandi kerbau cacat bla bla suratkhabar on9 (f***ing Chelsea,again mehhh cmon lah .. now highbury gone..lancau..)

- go work with my dad,reached there around 8 (work starts at 9..#@$@#$@#$@$@)

- minum skit kat kedai mamak ground floor Menara Mutiara Bangsar..haha

- masuk kerja,orang semua tengok aku macam jakun

- met my supervisor,ask me to sort out invoices.. i was like..standard lah first day of work stuff

- wtffff...1 year worth of invoices? hahah amir ini kes sedikitttttttttt susah..

- yeah..memang susah tahap anjing

- lunch..went sumwhere downstairs,eat there

- work work work

- finished at 6pm sharp,ran out the office,gotta wait for my dad to come pass by though..

- lol ambik hadiah,standing like dog for an hour waiting,dad reach Bangsar around 7.10pm

haha..nice experience..

Bosstrain at 9:31 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2005

from the left - mak,kakak,alang,abah and muah Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 11:11 PM

Zup zap zup time pass so fast and i got to go to work allready?

Standard lah,cant wait to work anyway.I know its going to be reall reallll boring,but its ok,its all about the moolah's.If i work 3 months,i should be able to afford my own gaming computer,a digicam,a new handphone and have a great dinner with my dear sis DerLyn.(if you reading this..blewrgh,im goin to buy u a cup of maggi and some water from that 20cents machine heeheeeheeee jk jk)

Ill be working in Bangsar,yeah i always wanted to work there,so i get to explore around there and see for myself how's the nightlife..!~

wish me luck guys

btw,Esta,if you do read this,you look cute tonite :D . We go out soon k? i owe you sumthin remember (slaps head)

Bosstrain at 10:59 PM

Saturday, December 17, 2005

one of the most famous faces in my school's Form5. Selves and Syafiq rapping on the stage Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 11:48 PM

Friday, December 16, 2005

Now now,this is the moment I have been waiting for to do which is to write about cars..My secret ambition is to become a car journalist like Chris Wee and many more names that if I mentioned it here,I am pretty sure you wont know who im talking about..hahaha

I am a diehard,hardcore car enthusiast.I got this from my father.Its one of those thing where you could really say its a father son thingy.Once your father got into something he always do all the time and bring you around to show what he is doing.This is exactly what you will get.My father has owned alot of cars before so he got tons of experience on cars.Anyway,Lets continue on what I want to write today.

The car for today,is a Mazda RX-8 Type S [Semi-auto,detuned]
My father got this for my mom's 42nd birthday as a suprise present.Wicked eh? Rated at 211hp,the Mazda RX-8 is a spiritual predesessor to the legendary RX-7 FD.Heeeheee. ( Top Speed 241kmh - tested and proven)

My opinion,i dont really like this car compared to the old FD.Its nice yeah,but it kinda lost touch to the inner demon inside.Haha,blame the softer setup the car got because they (Mazda) want to make this car more accessible to a wider audience.Hmm..what do you think bout this car? care to tell me? comment lah then

Bosstrain at 11:55 AM

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How time passes,my fellow mateys (Thava,Josh,Lam,Dom and me) also include our classteacher Pn Shanta (bio teacher)

If i could turn back time,this is one of the time i want to come back and stay forever,school see,my friends here,they aint exactly a normal bunch of friends,they are the most sophisticated,smart,and the coolest bunch you could hang out around.Lemme intro you one by one though

There's Thavaneethan,one of my best pal in my life.He is very,very smart guy.I hope he gets 13 A for SPM (13? lol thava..finishh weh).He is the best adviser in my life other then my pet sis and my mom and dad.I would ask him anything and he surely got something good to advise me on.I think he is a great pal.Hope you succeed in anything you do Thava.

There's also Lam,alias ...Lam.Lol his name is so famous in form5 guys.You wouldnt know who dont know Lam.He is our ace no1 all stars pemonteng proffesional.He dares do thing we do not.There was once,i brought a cd player to school to listen in the Physics lesson.this daring fellow try to listen the songs in it inside the class and..the player got taken by the teacher incharge..

Then,the teacher teach for a while then went inside the storeroom to keep something,He went to take the player on the teachers table and ran out the class!!! (under our heavy persuasion hahahah).Hence,he got a new nickname to add in his profile..Enemy of the State.As the discipline teacher went all out to find him,he still cant be ..Lam you are the greatest..

Then theres Dominic,or of the finest pornking ever to grace Seafield,i thought i was hard on porn till i saw him.No wonder ppl call him the King.Nice guy,knows alot of thing bout life.But..dont make him angry by covering up things you thought he dont know but he knows..he can tell.. i know that the hardway..Dom,relek k? i screwed up..

Josh,what to write bout you josh?I dont know lah,maybe..master planner lah.Yeah he is our master planner,plans almost every acts of infamy we did.He knows alot of thing too .He is very good in English and guitars.(he and thava are from the same music band - Diphthong).I dont know bout me,i always felt i did something wrong to josh and didnt apologized to him.One sarcastic fellow,always kutuk me all the time.First i took it to the heart,but then i realised..thats how he is..everythings funny to him.Never good to take everything funny josh,remember that..but are josh while I am.. boss..^^

Bosstrain at 10:59 PM

Me and my table mates in MPT5.
From front left (Zheng Guan,Dominic,Eryl,Syafiq ,Lam,Selves)

Back row (Preshant,Izwan,me)

This guys are the one of my better friends,they help me alot in my life.Especially

Syafiq (Mat Biker)
Izwan (Mamak,Tauke Minyak)
Preshant ( Rasu,Bala,Basah)
Zheng Guan (i dont mat driver?)
Eryl (Baps)
Lam (lol just Lam,thats a meaningful name)
Dom (just dom,yeah)
Selves (pilot?kel? hahahahaha)

Bosstrain at 12:22 AM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who ever reading this,can do me a favour,i got a hot friend who is competing in a contest at the MalaysiaCollege website.Her name is Ada Chee Chui Mei,just call her Chui Mei

For those who play DOTA,she is a pretty good resemblance with Crystal Maiden (C.M = C.M)
Here's step by step on how to help me to help her to help me get a free lunch :P

First,all you gotta to do is~
1 - Go to
2 - Click on the MYC Softlens Comfort Fresh Face 2006 banner which you could see straight
after loading the page.
3 - dont fill in the details on the page you are in now,click VOTE FOR THE 12 FRESH FACES
HERE!.On that page,then you fill in the details
4 - my fourth instruction is make sure you vote the right person,coz if not..she is gonna kil
meh.Dont go astray and vote another chick or hunk.. ^^

Thank you guys,please help me to help her help me.. hahahaha

Bosstrain at 11:53 PM

I wish the Minister of Transportation thinks like me..seriously

Not to say im much smarter then him(haha,maybe i do?) . I think he could get a better solution then wasting too much money on campaigns that will never be instilled in the young people who drive worked up kancil and wira. (no offence to people who does)

The Ministry should do a new revolution on rules talking big time changes
Why not,we form a NGO based commitee that do a no biased survey about our drivers on the road and make a hypothesis and solution to the problem of many.

Its not only about the deaths of hundreds that perish during festive seasons,I'm talkin a new set of system that seperates the awesome,very good,good,average,not too good,and Troll :D
Yeah,a new license system would do great.I was thinking something in a form of a Professional driving license,Advanced driving license..etc..etc

License according to skills,yeah that is good.. wonder how Troll license would be..maybe they give it to granny who driving a car and never look towards her sidemirrors which resulted sparks of anger from people who is trying to overtake her in the highway.

And if its good enough,why not increase the speed limit in conjunction with the license,higher license,higher speed limit..yeahhaha

no more of those
(Abah,slow down,abang rasa ada speedtrap kat depan)
(Encik Dollah,you are going too fast!)

and this ugly looking paper that states

Anda telah ditangkap melebihi had laju kebangsaaan

Had Laju Kebangsaan - 110KM/H
Kelajuan Anda semasa ditangkap - 225 KM/H

oh CMON! ,it was fking empty and its 7am in the morning in the middle of malaysia,who's there to crash to anyway?

This gotta stop...

Bosstrain at 11:36 PM

Hahahah,this is a sensitive issue :P

Girls? I dont know..always thinking about them,macamlah aku ni handsome sgt..tapi muka takde lah apa apa pun..hahaa

Normal for people lah(guys) to think bout girls when they are schooling,biasakan? who dont agree with me please comment.Orang mana yang in a sane mode tak nak ada girlfriend? tipulah kalau kata taknak..kita semua rasa cam tu..saya pun macam tu jugak :P

Today,im gonna write bout the girls that influence and help me the most.Almost all the girl i mention here help me in all different kind of way.The one that I hold dear the most must be my dear petsis.I think of all people i met in the internet,she is the most influential chararcther for me,anything she says should not do,i wont.. i felt like she really cared bout me,i dont know..maybe its just me? hahahah sis,comment bout this? hahahah

Im also gonna talk bout the new girls i met,there was this girl i got introduced by my friend,Dominic.Her name is Valerie,but i call her Vallie,i mean its simple and sounds cuter then what ppl would call her which is just Val (sounds like a guy).She is a very nice person to talk with and a very cheery person.Light up my bulb vallie :P

From Vallie,i get to know some new chicks too,Esta and Aina,well these girls are close friends to eachother.Its kinda ..sorta like when i get a Free Chick,buy 1 get 2 free stuff :P.I got to know with Aina first,she is a nice person,a whacko but i find her quite weird sometimes..not like thats a bad thing ^^.I wanna say something to you Aina,if you reading this..relax ler sikit,take it slow~ jangan lah murung sgt pasal kehilangan boyfriend tuh.. biasalah lumrah peng " couple " lan..hahaha.

Esta,yay now this is fun,i got to know her from Vallie's frenster,Aina's close friend.Very funny gal'.real delight to chat with specially on the phone at 12.40am,she gives you that sexy voice of her .." no lahhh" .I like her,she's very nice.She wants to become a fashion consultant? Its easy to predict her actions though

"Amir,i want all pink,alll pink understand??"

haha,piece of cake

And last but not least,my smaller pet sis.I wont write your name here Drey (oops,allready did :P).She is a very nice person i met this year during an audition in SS15.She's in form4 goin to form5 (gluck for spm,i think you'll need it as i do :D).Very witty though,she can sense a lie from far away.Once i got caught lying to her when i say i was in cafe but im not..hah just wanna know what she thinks :D.A nice girl to chat with,i wish her all the best with her love life

Drey,if you reading this,PinkRazr is the thing girl..i think i get one too just to annoy my dad :D

I sambung this part soon guys,alot of girls in my life i gotta sort one by
*sounds like a player..but im dont get the wrong idea*

Bosstrain at 11:00 PM

Monday, December 12, 2005

sadd weh..malaysian and its problems on the road.Do you agree on the term Speed Kills?
i dont know bout some people,but i disagree with that,i think the real reason why ppl are dying in our country is because of driver's own attitude.. damn lar cikai bodoh..kecil kecil tak nak mati besar besar menyusahkan negara ..hahah

Usually,most of the people who drives REALLLY fast,know bout cars and how to handle them..people who are devoted to their cars,understand 'bout the cars they driving,knows how to drive fast and safely..this people..driving cars like Ferrari 360 Modena,maybe a S55 AMG or some import tuners like RX-8 *lol pun intended* . Have you always seen people driving this car crash and burn? no lah i dont think so..yet this people always drive fast everytime

I know lah other ppl also got feeling wanna go fast though we dont have a car that is up to par with those supercar.Tapi fikir sikitlah,can your worked up Saga with just a cheap exhaust modification,some Sparco stickers and a Ralliart decal ..go on to 180kmh safely?

Wanna race konon,find someone your own size lah people,dont lar have this "anyone also can whack" mentality like those people up north.Any car also wanna race meh,today only i met one of this wannabe racer..driving a kancil with some wings and full of stickers that is not even relevant to a kancil (omg? Nismo stickers on a daihatsu?)

This fellow,tried so many times to overtake my father's Ssangyong Stavic (2.7 liter turbocharged diesel).Lol sedikit common sense needed lah,wanna flash flash some car that can travel nearly twice as fast then you?Semangat tak nak kalah menghantui diri apabila anda dipotong oleh sebuah kereta yang gedabak besar?

Get over it malaysia!

How we gonna get a no speed limit highway like those Autobahn if we still in this mentallity,wanna race can lah,but be sensible shit wira vs a full fledged Evolution 7 meh? how many time allready i saw this in Kesas..this gotta stop lah.

Bosstrain at 11:01 PM

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cekap kan,my school..i miss it,this is where i spend my 5 years in.Thats the basketball court view and the "dewan" from my Form 4 class..gosh..this is the best view of the school anyone could ask for,you can yell from here

-LAM! Pn Nesa call you lah,stop playing basketball and come up now f***!

-Arwin,who playing football now? can check out ar?

-LAM!! go beratur for the chicken in the canteen,i scared ppl take all i nvr get..!!! fun!

Bosstrain at 11:14 PM

Hey sis,i dont know if you want to come here and waste time reading this anyway.but i write this anyway

Relax lah,what to mmg teruk wan lerh.Parents nagging,specially mum nag..same position,specially ur mom like "know most of it" mom..lagi teruk,think she sees everything allready.What you do is try to forget it for a while lerh,take something fun..Winning Eleven ke.. DOTA ke.. Go out bowling ke..banyak boleh buat,kalau tak tau jugak call my hp hahahaha

Cannot lah see your face so down,damn tak syok lah ur webcam ledi,from free XXX show become some cerita masak masak era 1990 tak best lah...hahahahaha

Sis E.L.D.L,wah code name siot,scared you dont want to tell ppl who you are,keep it low konon.. hahaha..take care,i always lepak here for you,anything just hit me in the face.

Bosstrain at 10:58 PM

Hey guys,guess where i am now?

Patong Beach,Phuket,Thailand baby!` far ..yeah just travelled here yesterday.Nice place to go,i went to Kamala beach..and theres bladdy GAYSSS DAMN GAYSSSSSSSSS!

yerk,cannot stand gays stripping..

yuck,on BossRate.I give it a 7/10.

Everything here is in fckin dollarsss! suck blood US Dollars!

k i post updates later,ciao

Bosstrain at 10:44 PM

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bosstrain at 4:03 AM

Hello,For those who dont know me,the names Amir ,or - D i a b l o -,or BossTrain,or bla bla

First time blogging ^^,cant say im not excited.Always planned to blog my whole form4 and form5.Alot of experience i would like to archive because they are too precious i am afraid i would forget it.Tks to Josh for leading me here i can blogg my shit out my butt :D

I would always wanted to speak out my mind,but then i always speak it out..sometimes at the wrong place and the wrong time.Ive committed tons of actions you should do and shouldnt,Things you should do is plain..being honest..while the things you should not do..hehehehehehehe

here to list a few

Grand Theft (Bicycles,stole a few in school)
(Snickers,Mars,Kitkats,hundreds of them i couldnt count)
(Coke,SoyaBean,Canned name it)
(last time old school..pokemon cards...whahahahahahahahahah)
(money..i would easily say that if i combine all together,i would buy a motorcycle by cash!..not that im
(proud of it,but hey..experience man..)

and last but not least,the final and most deadly of all..
(a camera of a supposed dear friend..hahah guys you know what im talking about)

Well theres alot more from where that comes from,but then I gotta keep it for future posting,gotta keep the audience happy you know.. ^^

Today,im fine..normal day,some Winning Eleven wins (Barcelona vs Liverpool 0 - 2) with my best friend Hazwan.its nice when your winning ^^.Then i went to E - One Cybercafe with my fellow cybercaferians Hazly and his gang,Josh were there too,though we didnt play the same game,I still enjoy the feeling of being there with them and hear the anguish and the shout of excitement when josh miscued his freezing field and hazly's yell of anger.

Always nice Dota..when you playing with your good friends,seems to make you forget bout the world..
I wish today i could do something more though,I wish that my pet sis,Audrey would stop giving me the same answer when i ask her out on where to eat..all she ever say is I dunno,what you think?

hahahaha,i think i gotta go back kampung tommorow,but then i wanna ask my father whether he can let me stay here because i gotta go to work on Dec 15th.

Till my next post,

Bosstrain at 3:45 AM