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Friday, December 16, 2005

Now now,this is the moment I have been waiting for to do which is to write about cars..My secret ambition is to become a car journalist like Chris Wee and many more names that if I mentioned it here,I am pretty sure you wont know who im talking about..hahaha

I am a diehard,hardcore car enthusiast.I got this from my father.Its one of those thing where you could really say its a father son thingy.Once your father got into something he always do all the time and bring you around to show what he is doing.This is exactly what you will get.My father has owned alot of cars before so he got tons of experience on cars.Anyway,Lets continue on what I want to write today.

The car for today,is a Mazda RX-8 Type S [Semi-auto,detuned]
My father got this for my mom's 42nd birthday as a suprise present.Wicked eh? Rated at 211hp,the Mazda RX-8 is a spiritual predesessor to the legendary RX-7 FD.Heeeheee. ( Top Speed 241kmh - tested and proven)

My opinion,i dont really like this car compared to the old FD.Its nice yeah,but it kinda lost touch to the inner demon inside.Haha,blame the softer setup the car got because they (Mazda) want to make this car more accessible to a wider audience.Hmm..what do you think bout this car? care to tell me? comment lah then

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