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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How time passes,my fellow mateys (Thava,Josh,Lam,Dom and me) also include our classteacher Pn Shanta (bio teacher)

If i could turn back time,this is one of the time i want to come back and stay forever,school see,my friends here,they aint exactly a normal bunch of friends,they are the most sophisticated,smart,and the coolest bunch you could hang out around.Lemme intro you one by one though

There's Thavaneethan,one of my best pal in my life.He is very,very smart guy.I hope he gets 13 A for SPM (13? lol thava..finishh weh).He is the best adviser in my life other then my pet sis and my mom and dad.I would ask him anything and he surely got something good to advise me on.I think he is a great pal.Hope you succeed in anything you do Thava.

There's also Lam,alias ...Lam.Lol his name is so famous in form5 guys.You wouldnt know who dont know Lam.He is our ace no1 all stars pemonteng proffesional.He dares do thing we do not.There was once,i brought a cd player to school to listen in the Physics lesson.this daring fellow try to listen the songs in it inside the class and..the player got taken by the teacher incharge..

Then,the teacher teach for a while then went inside the storeroom to keep something,He went to take the player on the teachers table and ran out the class!!! (under our heavy persuasion hahahah).Hence,he got a new nickname to add in his profile..Enemy of the State.As the discipline teacher went all out to find him,he still cant be ..Lam you are the greatest..

Then theres Dominic,or of the finest pornking ever to grace Seafield,i thought i was hard on porn till i saw him.No wonder ppl call him the King.Nice guy,knows alot of thing bout life.But..dont make him angry by covering up things you thought he dont know but he knows..he can tell.. i know that the hardway..Dom,relek k? i screwed up..

Josh,what to write bout you josh?I dont know lah,maybe..master planner lah.Yeah he is our master planner,plans almost every acts of infamy we did.He knows alot of thing too .He is very good in English and guitars.(he and thava are from the same music band - Diphthong).I dont know bout me,i always felt i did something wrong to josh and didnt apologized to him.One sarcastic fellow,always kutuk me all the time.First i took it to the heart,but then i realised..thats how he is..everythings funny to him.Never good to take everything funny josh,remember that..but are josh while I am.. boss..^^

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