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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hahahah,this is a sensitive issue :P

Girls? I dont know..always thinking about them,macamlah aku ni handsome sgt..tapi muka takde lah apa apa pun..hahaa

Normal for people lah(guys) to think bout girls when they are schooling,biasakan? who dont agree with me please comment.Orang mana yang in a sane mode tak nak ada girlfriend? tipulah kalau kata taknak..kita semua rasa cam tu..saya pun macam tu jugak :P

Today,im gonna write bout the girls that influence and help me the most.Almost all the girl i mention here help me in all different kind of way.The one that I hold dear the most must be my dear petsis.I think of all people i met in the internet,she is the most influential chararcther for me,anything she says should not do,i wont.. i felt like she really cared bout me,i dont know..maybe its just me? hahahah sis,comment bout this? hahahah

Im also gonna talk bout the new girls i met,there was this girl i got introduced by my friend,Dominic.Her name is Valerie,but i call her Vallie,i mean its simple and sounds cuter then what ppl would call her which is just Val (sounds like a guy).She is a very nice person to talk with and a very cheery person.Light up my bulb vallie :P

From Vallie,i get to know some new chicks too,Esta and Aina,well these girls are close friends to eachother.Its kinda ..sorta like when i get a Free Chick,buy 1 get 2 free stuff :P.I got to know with Aina first,she is a nice person,a whacko but i find her quite weird sometimes..not like thats a bad thing ^^.I wanna say something to you Aina,if you reading this..relax ler sikit,take it slow~ jangan lah murung sgt pasal kehilangan boyfriend tuh.. biasalah lumrah peng " couple " lan..hahaha.

Esta,yay now this is fun,i got to know her from Vallie's frenster,Aina's close friend.Very funny gal'.real delight to chat with specially on the phone at 12.40am,she gives you that sexy voice of her .." no lahhh" .I like her,she's very nice.She wants to become a fashion consultant? Its easy to predict her actions though

"Amir,i want all pink,alll pink understand??"

haha,piece of cake

And last but not least,my smaller pet sis.I wont write your name here Drey (oops,allready did :P).She is a very nice person i met this year during an audition in SS15.She's in form4 goin to form5 (gluck for spm,i think you'll need it as i do :D).Very witty though,she can sense a lie from far away.Once i got caught lying to her when i say i was in cafe but im not..hah just wanna know what she thinks :D.A nice girl to chat with,i wish her all the best with her love life

Drey,if you reading this,PinkRazr is the thing girl..i think i get one too just to annoy my dad :D

I sambung this part soon guys,alot of girls in my life i gotta sort one by
*sounds like a player..but im dont get the wrong idea*

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