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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who ever reading this,can do me a favour,i got a hot friend who is competing in a contest at the MalaysiaCollege website.Her name is Ada Chee Chui Mei,just call her Chui Mei

For those who play DOTA,she is a pretty good resemblance with Crystal Maiden (C.M = C.M)
Here's step by step on how to help me to help her to help me get a free lunch :P

First,all you gotta to do is~
1 - Go to
2 - Click on the MYC Softlens Comfort Fresh Face 2006 banner which you could see straight
after loading the page.
3 - dont fill in the details on the page you are in now,click VOTE FOR THE 12 FRESH FACES
HERE!.On that page,then you fill in the details
4 - my fourth instruction is make sure you vote the right person,coz if not..she is gonna kil
meh.Dont go astray and vote another chick or hunk.. ^^

Thank you guys,please help me to help her help me.. hahahaha

Bosstrain at 11:53 PM