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Monday, December 12, 2005

sadd weh..malaysian and its problems on the road.Do you agree on the term Speed Kills?
i dont know bout some people,but i disagree with that,i think the real reason why ppl are dying in our country is because of driver's own attitude.. damn lar cikai bodoh..kecil kecil tak nak mati besar besar menyusahkan negara ..hahah

Usually,most of the people who drives REALLLY fast,know bout cars and how to handle them..people who are devoted to their cars,understand 'bout the cars they driving,knows how to drive fast and safely..this people..driving cars like Ferrari 360 Modena,maybe a S55 AMG or some import tuners like RX-8 *lol pun intended* . Have you always seen people driving this car crash and burn? no lah i dont think so..yet this people always drive fast everytime

I know lah other ppl also got feeling wanna go fast though we dont have a car that is up to par with those supercar.Tapi fikir sikitlah,can your worked up Saga with just a cheap exhaust modification,some Sparco stickers and a Ralliart decal ..go on to 180kmh safely?

Wanna race konon,find someone your own size lah people,dont lar have this "anyone also can whack" mentality like those people up north.Any car also wanna race meh,today only i met one of this wannabe racer..driving a kancil with some wings and full of stickers that is not even relevant to a kancil (omg? Nismo stickers on a daihatsu?)

This fellow,tried so many times to overtake my father's Ssangyong Stavic (2.7 liter turbocharged diesel).Lol sedikit common sense needed lah,wanna flash flash some car that can travel nearly twice as fast then you?Semangat tak nak kalah menghantui diri apabila anda dipotong oleh sebuah kereta yang gedabak besar?

Get over it malaysia!

How we gonna get a no speed limit highway like those Autobahn if we still in this mentallity,wanna race can lah,but be sensible shit wira vs a full fledged Evolution 7 meh? how many time allready i saw this in Kesas..this gotta stop lah.

Bosstrain at 11:01 PM