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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I wish the Minister of Transportation thinks like me..seriously

Not to say im much smarter then him(haha,maybe i do?) . I think he could get a better solution then wasting too much money on campaigns that will never be instilled in the young people who drive worked up kancil and wira. (no offence to people who does)

The Ministry should do a new revolution on rules talking big time changes
Why not,we form a NGO based commitee that do a no biased survey about our drivers on the road and make a hypothesis and solution to the problem of many.

Its not only about the deaths of hundreds that perish during festive seasons,I'm talkin a new set of system that seperates the awesome,very good,good,average,not too good,and Troll :D
Yeah,a new license system would do great.I was thinking something in a form of a Professional driving license,Advanced driving license..etc..etc

License according to skills,yeah that is good.. wonder how Troll license would be..maybe they give it to granny who driving a car and never look towards her sidemirrors which resulted sparks of anger from people who is trying to overtake her in the highway.

And if its good enough,why not increase the speed limit in conjunction with the license,higher license,higher speed limit..yeahhaha

no more of those
(Abah,slow down,abang rasa ada speedtrap kat depan)
(Encik Dollah,you are going too fast!)

and this ugly looking paper that states

Anda telah ditangkap melebihi had laju kebangsaaan

Had Laju Kebangsaan - 110KM/H
Kelajuan Anda semasa ditangkap - 225 KM/H

oh CMON! ,it was fking empty and its 7am in the morning in the middle of malaysia,who's there to crash to anyway?

This gotta stop...

Bosstrain at 11:36 PM