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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hey sis,i dont know if you want to come here and waste time reading this anyway.but i write this anyway

Relax lah,what to mmg teruk wan lerh.Parents nagging,specially mum nag..same position,specially ur mom like "know most of it" mom..lagi teruk,think she sees everything allready.What you do is try to forget it for a while lerh,take something fun..Winning Eleven ke.. DOTA ke.. Go out bowling ke..banyak boleh buat,kalau tak tau jugak call my hp hahahaha

Cannot lah see your face so down,damn tak syok lah ur webcam ledi,from free XXX show become some cerita masak masak era 1990 tak best lah...hahahahaha

Sis E.L.D.L,wah code name siot,scared you dont want to tell ppl who you are,keep it low konon.. hahaha..take care,i always lepak here for you,anything just hit me in the face.

Bosstrain at 10:58 PM