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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hello,For those who dont know me,the names Amir ,or - D i a b l o -,or BossTrain,or bla bla

First time blogging ^^,cant say im not excited.Always planned to blog my whole form4 and form5.Alot of experience i would like to archive because they are too precious i am afraid i would forget it.Tks to Josh for leading me here i can blogg my shit out my butt :D

I would always wanted to speak out my mind,but then i always speak it out..sometimes at the wrong place and the wrong time.Ive committed tons of actions you should do and shouldnt,Things you should do is plain..being honest..while the things you should not do..hehehehehehehe

here to list a few

Grand Theft (Bicycles,stole a few in school)
(Snickers,Mars,Kitkats,hundreds of them i couldnt count)
(Coke,SoyaBean,Canned name it)
(last time old school..pokemon cards...whahahahahahahahahah)
(money..i would easily say that if i combine all together,i would buy a motorcycle by cash!..not that im
(proud of it,but hey..experience man..)

and last but not least,the final and most deadly of all..
(a camera of a supposed dear friend..hahah guys you know what im talking about)

Well theres alot more from where that comes from,but then I gotta keep it for future posting,gotta keep the audience happy you know.. ^^

Today,im fine..normal day,some Winning Eleven wins (Barcelona vs Liverpool 0 - 2) with my best friend Hazwan.its nice when your winning ^^.Then i went to E - One Cybercafe with my fellow cybercaferians Hazly and his gang,Josh were there too,though we didnt play the same game,I still enjoy the feeling of being there with them and hear the anguish and the shout of excitement when josh miscued his freezing field and hazly's yell of anger.

Always nice Dota..when you playing with your good friends,seems to make you forget bout the world..
I wish today i could do something more though,I wish that my pet sis,Audrey would stop giving me the same answer when i ask her out on where to eat..all she ever say is I dunno,what you think?

hahahaha,i think i gotta go back kampung tommorow,but then i wanna ask my father whether he can let me stay here because i gotta go to work on Dec 15th.

Till my next post,

Bosstrain at 3:45 AM