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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Zup zap zup time pass so fast and i got to go to work allready?

Standard lah,cant wait to work anyway.I know its going to be reall reallll boring,but its ok,its all about the moolah's.If i work 3 months,i should be able to afford my own gaming computer,a digicam,a new handphone and have a great dinner with my dear sis DerLyn.(if you reading this..blewrgh,im goin to buy u a cup of maggi and some water from that 20cents machine heeheeeheeee jk jk)

Ill be working in Bangsar,yeah i always wanted to work there,so i get to explore around there and see for myself how's the nightlife..!~

wish me luck guys

btw,Esta,if you do read this,you look cute tonite :D . We go out soon k? i owe you sumthin remember (slaps head)

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