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Sunday, January 22, 2006

(Kazama-san) Eh Tsuchiya,later that Amir gonna drift rite,scared lah.. Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 11:31 PM

Lol pitty
You know guys,theres one friend of mine wanna try to reach 170kmh at the SS15 overhead highway..but something happen ..flash flash macammm takde apa apa je

watch it out..hahahahaha

Btw guys,im playing this cool game - Utopia..anyone who reading this plays.I've "met" two best game pals,Theis Qvortrup and Magnus..heehee they both are whacks,one of the best players in the game man..

sleepy..need sleep


Bosstrain at 11:14 PM

To see more of the pictures me and my friends,please visit my photo journal

Twinnnnnnnnnn Dorift~! Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 1:18 AM

hahah me with the D1 World Champion Kazama-san~!! Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 1:13 AM

In the Waja R3 (Dori Dori Tsuchiya-san) and the S15 (Kazama-san) Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 1:05 AM

Muah and the drift-preped replica D1 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R driven by Kazama-san Posted by Picasa

Bosstrain at 1:00 AM

Yeeshhh it was coooooool and wicked sick.Me and my mates Sung,James and summore friends went up close with the living legend Keiichi Tsuchiya and also the current D1 World Champion,Yasuyaki Kazama who went all the way from Nippon to come here and educate us Malaysians and try to help us drift better..not to mention to flex their godlike skills.

Yeesh,I was so lucky that I got to see the legend live in flesh and not on the BMI..haha..Sung you one lucky bastard..take picture with Keiichi-san summore..ahhaha ..
We saw some pretty cool things all day,one of them worth mentioning is the Blackhowling Toyota Supra.I heard his baby can go up to 1000hp..woosh best nih.The owner even do a special demo for us so we can hear it rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Tired to continue,will do so tommorow

Bosstrain at 12:43 AM

Monday, January 16, 2006

I tell you lah next time make sure you guys dont dream as I do..
Well lucky i got this blog to teman me..ahha sound damn gay allready

me lah guys..i fell in love again..dan kena reject again ..
a bit too much if i started posting name..but i tell you i really thought i got a good chance to secure this transfer..hahah
again salah budget maximum,she's in love with someone else..

Bosstrain at 8:53 PM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey guys,so sorry because i got carried away enjoying life that i forgot to take care of my blog.

Hehe,just came back from my village for Aidiladha celebration all muslim's around the world celebrates ^^
Fun yeah,but well its just a 1 day holiday so i gotta rush back before the highway's get full and crowded..standard lah
The funny thing is today,i met one of my best mates in my village mosque..Hazly~

oi for like 17 tahun kita hidup,how come we never see eachother in our village though we live in the same area,man..such a small world after alll...

Bosstrain at 3:58 PM