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Monday, February 27, 2006

Heehee,This is the normal stomping ground for us USJ2'dians and that's Iqbal running towards the other side with the ball (bal,idup Liverpoolll)

crossdress to impress says:
ari ni aku balik kampung

crossdress to impress says:
mkn cam ayam

crossdress to impress says:
pastu tumpah kari atas baju XD

: - thanks to sarie,simple and spot on`

thats the best summary on what I do today.I went back to hometown wif dad on the 8'.Nice,smooth flowing roads that suit the car very well.Went back in the evening,came home and online to check on Utopia and my ZeroToHundred RE club forum.

Actually,I wanted to ask someone out this tuesday,but that someone macam tak mau pergi je XD.Cmon la,its gonna be fun I promise~


comeeeeeeeeonlaaaaa ref

SongOfTheDay : - Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

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