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Monday, February 06, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket I miss my hometown,there you see some nice trees and all ..with the breeze from the beach... ahh I can smell it now..birds chirping in the air,flying in close squadron formation..circling the blue sky..

nice eh?
(not to mention my seluar that is spoiling this picture)

aiseh man,Majlis Fatwa banned Metallica? apa cerita ni,asal ada "Besi Berat" je nak ban..nothing better to do is it? Go fight some prostitute ring syndicate or something la..why must kacau one of my favourite band? mengacau steam betul.

Today I chatted with my old pal allie,she's such a doll.
I knew her long time ago,back in Form 1 when we are in the same class..hahah those was fun.All I know is :-

"Hey shortie,what you doing?"

I wish I were back there to change it.Alot of things happen when I started schooling here.Its purely cultural shock.Im definitely not used to having girls sitting beside me in class, time,my class teacher switched me seat to the back beside this pretty young girl.I was well,stunned beyond words..haha..nervous ..sweaty..sitting beside Yue Mei..haha funny right..

Now when I look back at the times where I used to fight with her bout something silly,then Allie would come to her aid..haha

"Amir,just shut up ok? I time you with my watch see how long you can keep quiet"

stupid as I am,I thought that was a dare..actually it was a sign of she getting on her nerves.Haha,I must say she look more prettier when she is angry.Then she would time me with her cute watch for a moment..then for a long time... then around 20 minutes,she wrote with her G2 pen something on my side of the Permahaman book.

"Enjoying it ?"

Haha,Yue Mei..farnie la she..I was shocked to see her back in Form4 when she returned to Cfill.I was like..

Friend - "woah..amir now she look better then before,and she totally changed sia"

Amir - "no kidding,i thought she damn lansi one,wah she really nice la"

guys,dig this.Brandon's poem bout Yue'

Kain Batik..Kain Pelekat.
Brandon cantik..Yue Mei terpikat.

haaaaaaaaahah I miss those times.

lol..hahah life.then there was bowling,the only reason why I like bowling so much was the reason that I could see Michelle bowling..haaaaaaahahahaha and Im stuck to bowling now.

hmm,guys ..anyone of you like to go to Taiping? I like the city,its old school..old chinese guy cycling his Raleigh here and there,Kopitiam on the corner with some uncle sipping black coffee.It used to be a mining town,but now the life there moves in snail's pace.

I like the lake,the view is stunning.My family and I even had a picnic there for old time sake
(we used to picnic there every school holiday break in December)

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a place to be with someone nice ..definitely


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