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Thursday, February 23, 2006

ah,i went to office to meet my ex-boss..and he gave me a bonus! yeah baby now thats what I'm talking about..yes yes yes yes yes

(a new pc,bowling accessories,handphone,spend close friends,wha' else? hutang you ar?)

I bought a new bowling ball,a Ebonite Tornado Warning 12lb's.Wicked ball for a sick person.It's rated one of the best reactive ball for a beginner.I'm learning on how to bowl with a "spinner" style.Unlike my pal,Wan who does "Hooking" using his DynoThane Vendetta..I'm more incline towards spinning.

Maybe its my fetish for spinning things (football,futsal,snooker,pool,rotary engines,bowling,burnout)

"I dont want to go another day,so I'm going to tell you exactly what's on my mind"

Ini apa song ini? I want to start a new phrase on my posts,maybe i just recommend what song's that I like.hehehe yeah why not.


"I dont know what I'd do...Baby if I lost you..cause I've been without and I know how it feels..and I cant be alone anymore... I know It's more then I can feel it when I'm close to you"

Los Lonely Boys - More Than Love

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