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Thursday, February 16, 2006

ahh my baby,my dear baby all groomed up for battle.My knight in a shining armor,the blade in my sarung pedang.. The Suzuki Katana GSX750 S.
Its fast,250kmh is within my brain's neural capacitor logic.Dont mess with it please,it can bite a Ferrari's butt off with its 4sec 0-100kmh start.

Im going off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow to follow dad.He got this talk he need to give to some company.Oh well as an obidient and loyal son.I will follow him wherever he goes


Suddenly tonite,I felt like cleaning up some mess in my Documents and Recieved Files,I found this picture of me and i miss her alot too.She was such a doll,keeping me happiness on check all the time

ahh June,i wish school life doesnt end so soon.
(please dont comment about my dog face,I was thinking the fact that this could be the last picture I take with her..ahhahahaha)

- mir

*tshhhchhh - amir you got to pit now,the FD's radiator cannot take much more heat*

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