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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How I miss it,my school life.
Its all just mere memories now.How I use to enjoy having to hang around with my "crew",the self proclaimed "Gin And Juice ".

Hahah,guys,I miss you..big time.

Thava - The King
Josh - Master Planner
Dom - Destroyer
Lam -Inspiration

and me..Boss Train..hahaahh

Who can possibly forgets such an experience? Experience that are so ..priceless like one of these :

Pn Sophia - "LAM SHUN SIEW,what are you doing? Where is your work?"
(she was refering to the homework which are consisting of like..half of the year's work XD )

(yeah he did allright,he didnt even have a Sejarah workbook..lolz)

Pn Sophia - "Where? I want to see your work now"
(Pn Sophia then went walking towards the place Lam was seating)

Lam - "*oh shit,Thava borrow your book faster"
(he thought Sophia was a blinded,deaf person)

Then he realised there is no escape,you have to fight it back.
Lam then stylishly sat down on his chair with his head on the table and his hands and arms sprawling all over the book.

Lam - "Teacher,I headache ar."

Now thats something I'll remember

Then there was Josh and Thava on an Addmaths period,They wanted to ask something to teacher,then something slipped off Thava's tongue.

"Teacher,salin what?"

x1000 later


lol macam bahasa Thailand..haha



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