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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

*note to self,dont get caught with lies from your friends..especially when they said they will belanja you if you do the dare "

hahahahahahah today was uber' funnie
I went to lunch at Outback restaurant,Bangsar with my dad's mechanic son's,David and Freddie Wong..both being such a persistant bastards that managed to trick me time and time again to do silly things that they know I would.

It went :-

"Relax guys I pay,you belanja me next time " said myself with confidently as they were only drinking while I was eating,so its not that expensive..hahaha cheap ass amir.

I then was feeling a bit generous,so I wanted to give a tip inside the receipt book they left,took out my wallet and pull some RM1's and stuff it in the pocket of the book
With no remorse,I smiled but Dave's face were weird..hmm?

I walked out straight away..with David whispering something to Fred in Hokkien.

"Wha' guys? dont pull those chinese shit on me coz im not gonna buy it"

"Hey Amir,just now,did you just gave that waiter Rm50 for the tip?"

"No,I didnt,I gave him Rm1's ,just to clear up my wallet a bit"

well,I guess I cleared more then I supposed too..
Franticaly pulling out my wallet with gun slinging precision and rapid draw my wallet to see one of my Rm50 is missing..

"Goodness,Allah is great"

I ran back to the table,ask the waiter to refill my glass with ice water to buy me time..hahahah
maximus coverus.I did put Rm50 on the book,I got lucky :D
Then there was the ice cream shop where they tricked me to talk with the cashier,which was a cute eurasian named Jennifer.They dared me to ask for MSN contact or phone number.

Ok lets stop this,I dont want to go on,its bad enough that you know I did walk and ask her..hahaha

Oh ya,I want to ask you guys,do you like to being compared to someone else?
I know I dont,what do you feel bout it?


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