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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hey guys,im back blogging
just to say happie birthdayz to my dear kakak angkat,Esther Lau Der Lyn..
i got her some nice pressiez (kakak mei,you are responsible for me using this word now ~)
but doubt that itll fit her..yeesh guess i gotta get a new one,or force her to eat up hahaha

now back,where were we? oh ya.. blog
now now,today was a good start.Blue skys,no cloud in the morning
Im guessing it is because of yesterday's heavy downpour that clears up the sky today.Yea.thats it
went to breakfast,went jogging the whole .since I had'nt do that in a very long time
(think Joghathon years ago)

and as usual,what is life without cars.I saw some cool R33 GTS running around in the morning,2 LanEvolution 7 and 8 too..just a refreshements for my eyes i guess.
I also noticed one thing,today why some chinese drivers got that weird tebu plant hanging out the window from their cars a?
mesti ada something ni..tapi apa benda?

believe it or not,today i gave up on something..something that i told myself dont give up.well sometimes you got to realise the reality amir..I thought i can change the thing myself,sometimes its just too powerful to change.Im talking bout a girl i like very much,she knows it,dom knows it,friend knows it..but hey,Kak Mei told me once

"amir,i dont think you are talking bout true love"

haha..i couldnt agree more now.I dont know,im sure this aint it,because if it is..ill be crying and crazy beyond my wits.hahaha

oh ya,Kak Mei? who's that?
well guys she's one of my latest addition of my pet sis collection (lol bunyi macam haiwan peliharaan pulak)
This gal im talking bout,well remember the time i ask you to vote for her in some compy at her coll?haha ya she's the one.Chee Chui Mei.wonderfull,hot,sexy,seducing (lol she can seduce own adik? susah hidup ni) and most of all and very wise..knows her roots if you get my drift.

Big note : - I do not have a fetish for hot sexy chinese chicks cum pet sister..they happen to be so nice thats all :D

Hmm,what can i tell bout her here,not much ..just that.along with Esther (her best pal..coincidentally) they both have world class knee bending smile..dont believe me? try meeting them head on man..i tell you confem kaki bergetar macam motorbot hahah.They are both beautiful smart young ladies..thus they fit to be my "kakak" hahaha..Its like this actually,lasttt time,in school,

Friends - Eh siapa awek tu? perghh mantap sia
(who is that chick over there?they are really stunning!)
Amir - Em..ntah ar..aku taktau..tapi mmg lawa la,specially yang pakai baju pengawas tu~
(errmm..i dont know..but they are hot!,especially the one wearing the Prefects uniform)

whoosss that girlll?
yeesh,everytime we look at them (the girl's)
i wasnt looking at all of them,just two of them

(very fair,super smile,wear the librarian uniform baju kurung..and happens to go back with Pn Chong)

and there was this other girl
(very fair,looks like a malay,definitely hot,prefect,super deadly smile)

and other hotties in the group too.but my eyes were focused on only two..wanted to get to know them..but just 13 that time,the bravery/courage engine in me has not yet been fully developed,

hahaha,how life has changed for me,I now got the contacts of the two hotties at the end of their school life..which means i got no time in order to get to know them in school..sad .but hey MSN is a wondertool,it does great things and walaa..i got 2 kakak angkat's

Why am I telling the world bout this? What is it to be proud of by having them as your pet sis?
How should i know,heck im telling what i wanna tell,its not for you to decide.This is my TIME! not some perhimpunan rasmi sekolah menengah kebangsaan Seafield..

lolz,joking dude
I think its better to have someone older then you to act like sisters/brothers which you can turn to when you are in need of help.Ya..thats it..they been living a year ahead then me,so they most probably had to encounter the same problem I am facing,no?

Not to mention they are one of the highest ranking chicks in my batch (alot of guys really went gaga went kak Mei went around with her smile)
Proud to say i was one of em'

Oh ya I forgot to add,yep Kak Mei was hot..but i think Esther is hot too..lolz one time we did a poll bout.hey what not suppose to tell this

ahh such is


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