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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

thats the examination hall in my school..ahh SPM times..I dont know but im starting to miss it.Having to hear the words from the Ketua Pengawas.

"Ok murid murid,masa menjawab sudah tamat,sila habiskan jawapan terakhir anda sekarang"
(Ok students,answering time is over,please finish your final answer now)

then the world will stop spinning for a moment,everything pass by in slow motion.

"is this it? final judgement? thats all?..Im is over."

yeah Its over..its really done..I am free
however it wasnt the happiness I expected i would feel..I dont know why..Its a feeling of sadness creeping in me after that,going out the school with uniform for the last time..

oh ya,my friends wanted to ajak me clubbing,but I dont want to go.
Why? because what can I do there? dont take it from me,take it from my life advisors

"amir,what you gonna do there? goyang goyang kaki..then drink drink..then goyang goyang kaki again? "

hehe,you are right sis,definitely true..I would look like a desperado finding someone to sleep with hahahaha


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