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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey guys,Im back from Cameron Highlands,one of the nicest place to go in Malaysia..heheh cool/comfy/nice.

I stayed in the Strawberry Park..hahah free room,so no complaints.It was definitely cold,Last i check at 8.30am it was 14c..hehehe gila sejuk and im wearing short/shirt/slipper going to the coffee house for a cup of Teh Tarik.

I was temaning my dad for his "talk" to this silly company that he got invited.I there anak baik,mengikut perintah

(in other words,good son follow what dad says XD)

There was breakfast,not bad

haha,yeah i know,whats that I'm wearing? formal siot,like Boss..hehehehe
(laughing hysterically)

It wasnt so nice during the "talk".I was damn bored as all i need to do is to press slide for my old man.Oh well at list Im here for free.hahahah

Cameron was full with strangers (hahah tourists).I saw Japanese,Swede's,American's and tons of Singaporeans.That explains why the prices are a bit over the top.My teh tarik and roti canai cost me RM4!..gila

yeesh,everything is expensive.Today,the rain start marching in was absolute pandamonium!.. nahh im just kidding.haha.The road heading back to Tapah was absolutely TOUGE-ish..hahaha.I bet DoriDori-kin Tsuchiya would have tons of fun driving in this "course"

yeh yeh,Tapah-touge course.Try it yourself,if you overdo'll be ending up in the depth of the abyss..fuh .hahahahha

nice..I wanna go again.



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