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Friday, February 24, 2006

My bowling arsenal
- Sportec Accura 10lbs polyester
- Brunswick Storm 12lbs polyester
- AMF Extreme 8lbs polyester
- Ebonite Tornado Warning 12lbs reactive ball
- Dexter Razor bowling shoes

Why do I like bowling so much? I must say its because of my classmate,Brandon Goh back in Form 1 Gigih.Man,Donminator I miss bowling with you.We used to look forward to every bowling practise and bowl everyweek.

The other reason why I look forward to bowling so well.Michelle (the hot secretary for the bowling club) is there ..haha and I just like to look at her.Yeah,laugh all you want.. XD.Brandon used to go ga'ga also when she came by to collect fee's.

Brandon - "Amir,she's coming oi..look good.bowl properly"

Amir - "ok ok,ill aim for strike this time"

hehe,yeah i went for a strike allright..a strike at the longkang.

Brandon "Ah,let me do it la,that also cannot do meh amir?"

He then bowls his best game for the day.As far as I remembered,his top score while playing with me is 198.Me and BG,we entered ourselves in the Sunway Bowling League when we were in form1.Ah good times

Habits,what are my bad habits..I got alot of bad habits hehehe

One of the paling teruk one is I like to bite my nails.My thumb got so severed once when I went to register for the MyKad.I get this :-

"Adik,cuba sekali lagi,Kesat tangan dan letak atas scanner"
Translation - (Brother,your hand is cacat'ed,please dont waste my time)

I tried that for like 15 minutes to get a proper scan.Yeah,its that bad.My mom used to whack my hand for doing that in the public..biting nails.Note to people,dont bite. :D

Today I went to Subang Square to pick up my Rileks slip.Met Thava/Jo/Eryl on the way there.Damn..Im jealous with those people who get to go to college..really I do..hahah

Everybody,all shape and sizes look cool in that area man.Guys look nicer there,Girls look hotter there..seriously,its like entering a hip zone or something.Hahah,maybe I'm just exaggerating.

- mir

SongForTheDay : Angel Dust - Bleed

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