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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Heehee,talk about blogging.I used to think of it as a diary,with people what i really think,unfiltered,pure bonafide thought.

Just that,I happen to know that it isnt EXACTLY what i think it is,sometimes you gotta practise restriction,hehe what?

WTF? this is my blog,my life,my words..and why the heck should I care about other people here,its my world.
You tak puas,go blog then,tell me what you think baru i can tell,ini datang terus tunjuk hotai,sorry la brader,balik kampung tanam jagung la

Dah kata come my blog and read,hehe siapa baca dia rasa la beb.If i wanted to be biased and say that i sokong this or that person.Believe me,i would have said it and wont need you to tell me which side am i on.Im not talking to you,but to ALL of you here.

Hehehe,dont want to read,go out then.But i can tell,if you tak puas,then sure you come back and read whats next..then this is your prize.

Bosstrain at 11:00 PM