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Sunday, April 30, 2006

"My cup is allready full and its bound to overflow" - Matisyahu's King without a Crown

Hey peoplees.Been so busy lately enjoying my life and hardly blog about it.Thanks for all the emails asking where have I been and why didnt i update this page of mine.Well againn..herree I am.

First of all,congratulation to Chelsea in winnin the EPL.I dont want to say much bout it but they have been dominating the whole season..deserve is the right word to describe it.Now,we got to buck up and face Mourinho's music of being ..the One.

I've been having some "financial difficulties" the past few weeks however,it was solved and Im running happy now.I fixed up my gaming rig and I'm DOTAing and CSing every now and then.Not to mention much work to do there.

I've been driving around :D.. yeah if you saw a velocity red RX-8 passing now and then,make sure you take a good look and wave because it might just be me rofl.But hey,its Now and then,not everytime.Dont want you to wave to my father/mother like a psycho now.. ahaha

Been having so much fun tackling that new road from SS19 to SS15..the small tunnel and the sweeping right hander is too much fun for me.I rerun it almost 10 times just for the fun of it..the thrilll..the excitementttt...

ForYourInformation.Friday evening is Dotaday for me and my pals
Here's one of the pics gathering.oA clan roxxorrrr

from right.Me,Hazly,Jay-E,Mil,Fad
We were practising Counterstrike at this exact moment.I was heh..

top 3 among 59 players in the server..and i only played for like ..45 minutes? No joke..


Bosstrain at 11:29 PM

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hey peeps`

hah bored..ill do a short update..

here finish

LOL amir lame lame lame


Bosstrain at 11:08 PM

Monday, April 17, 2006

Abah,jom sembelih ayam?
dad,go slaugther the chickenz?

Apa tanya abah pulak,kau la pergi sembelih..penakut!
why you ask me? you go slaugther yourself la..coward

Bukan takut,saja kantoi
Im not scared,just plain

then he went to slaugther the chicken himself.haha
As one of the oldest male in the kampung gathering most of the time,he's responsible to do these kind of jobs..yea like a butcher and shit.So there I am..standing but not brave enough to slaugther one myself.Call me a coward,but the look at the chicken's face when I pulled some feathers off just call me off.

Anyhow,How are you? I hope you are fine..
I'll be getting my license tommorow.YES..moment of triumph,joy,victory,whatever fits here.
Why am I so happy? I mean it's just a license..and so what?

Im a very passionate enthusiast of motoring.I like driving any automobile,2 or 4 wheels.Wira or Skyline.anything man..just throw at me and I'll drive it.
By getting my license,I will have the oppurtunity to

  • Drive to the best roads in the Peninsular like :-
  1. Frasers Hill touge
  2. Cameron Highland downhill (Tapah touge)
  3. Bukit Tinggi uphill/downhill
  4. Balik Pulau touge
Great fun really,at list for a speedjunkie like me.

I also have (yea i admit) the chance to drive some nice car to Bangsar this time around and not get looked down at.No more parking jauh jauh allready.This time Ill shove it up their face front entrance parking.

- mir

Bosstrain at 10:54 PM

Saturday, April 15, 2006

hey hey,Sepang F1 Track.Wait im comingggg

Got my P allready..yeah you guessed it.My Percubaan license yeaaaaaaa i can driveee
ok RX-lapan.Im coming,you wait ok comingggg

(note,jack..its not cumming,its coming,remember that)

DOTA 6.30 (B)
yea..B..alot of new changes,again there's more heroes to play with.I need to get a hold of it fast before my friends get a headstart and start owning me in that.

well total cleanup,took out all the "dead meats","inactives" and pure noobidity lol.
I was thinking of stopping,but after talking to my dear asian fucking friend,Stew..well I forgot why did he came here anyway..LOL me..

tribute to Bryan,Eric,Stew,Bart,Emiel,Ivan,Ryan and Lionel.
thanks for staying and striving to make us united..well at list for the next age ..hahaha

Not to mention,Shannon~
lol you thought i forgot bout you,but actually i didnt,more like delayed writing..
lol lol rofl lmao.AAAGGHHHHHHH hahaha

Bosstrain at 12:13 AM