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Saturday, April 15, 2006

hey hey,Sepang F1 Track.Wait im comingggg

Got my P allready..yeah you guessed it.My Percubaan license yeaaaaaaa i can driveee
ok RX-lapan.Im coming,you wait ok comingggg

(note,jack..its not cumming,its coming,remember that)

DOTA 6.30 (B)
yea..B..alot of new changes,again there's more heroes to play with.I need to get a hold of it fast before my friends get a headstart and start owning me in that.

well total cleanup,took out all the "dead meats","inactives" and pure noobidity lol.
I was thinking of stopping,but after talking to my dear asian fucking friend,Stew..well I forgot why did he came here anyway..LOL me..

tribute to Bryan,Eric,Stew,Bart,Emiel,Ivan,Ryan and Lionel.
thanks for staying and striving to make us united..well at list for the next age ..hahaha

Not to mention,Shannon~
lol you thought i forgot bout you,but actually i didnt,more like delayed writing..
lol lol rofl lmao.AAAGGHHHHHHH hahaha

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