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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hey.Crap Myteam lostt.and my Schumi got demoted from hero to zero thanks to an accident they thought he purposely did..... jeezzz

All this while i was thinking of what i'm going to do when i hit University.. should I change,to be a more responsible person? Hahah..yeah why not

To be a more responsible person,you got to know what is it for you to improve on..the easiest way to do that is to ask..your parents

Firstly,I really regretted asking dad some of the question I really wanted the answer from him.I would always get back some really shitty answers

Dad,why dont you stop smoking,for the good of all of us (pointing at my siblings and my mom)

"Amir,thats true but I think you can do alot more good if you had studied harder and get a scholarship so you can get a degree,thus a job to help us all"

Ah,the good sarcasm

"What good does it make if im rich but you're dead anyway?"

Well,first off,you can have my cars and pimp around with chicks..

Asshole,im serious here and here's what I get.Dad,sometime I wish we dont share the same charactheristic to be sarcastic when we dont need get me wrong,you're still the best dad in the world.Just with a minor defect up in your brain.I guess smoking does things to you.

"DAD,why would you need to do that? Cant you wait until he moves over so you can overtake?"

"Because I can do it,so I did it.If i cant do it,I wont do it"


Im saving money in order for SuperGT,Merdeka Millenium Endu-race,RE Trackday..which is coming oh -so - fast 10 June..

Oh ya.Happy Birthday Alex! aka Saru-kun,my rotary grandmeister.Wish you all the best in UK soon and your FD3S RX-7 Efini project..lolz.



Bosstrain at 10:21 PM

I feel like blogging.


After reading Lyn's post about her neighbours renovation.Somehow I felt like wanting to write something.

Have you ever thought,of going jogging at 12am at the nearest field from your house? I did.It was fun to jog at night, the park.It wasnt scary at all.I like the feeling of being alone in this kind of places AND AT this kind of time too.

Hehehe,I'm being sentimental each passing minute..maybe I'm getting matured? LOL what do you think about that?

I'll finish this after dota..brb


Bosstrain at 1:20 AM

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

yes,happy.why happy?

tons to reason to be happy.

I got the IPTA thingy,yeaa to UPM doing ComSci.
I did something that I didnt expect to do it.

maggi 3 bungkus,air satu jug..settled

Since i read Yue's blog,she's tagging anyone who reads it,so im It..lolz

four movies i can watch over and over:
- Ronin (yea no doubt,Jean Reno and De Niro together? awesome)
- The Gladiator (yea,one of my all timers)
- Leon (again,Jean Reno fan here)
- Gone in 60 Seconds

four places ive lived:
-Penang (Pantai Jerejak)
-Subang Jaya (USJ2)
-Seremban (Taman Rajawali)
and thats about it.

four of my favourite dishes:
Heh,this i can list more then 4

- nasi campur (mixed rice)
- satay
- hot dog
- mee Kungfu

four sites i visit daily:
- Utopia
- Fyzi
- Zerotohundred
- Forum Lowyat

four places i'd rather be right now:
- Cherating,sitting down at the beach with my mp3 player,looking at the sea beneath the moonlight.
- Penang,sitting at the Gurney Drive eating cendol and char kuey tiow.
- Berlin, my uncle's crib getting ready for the cup of life
- with someone i love in the RX-8 strolling down Bukit Bintang with a cup of vanilla coffee.

four bloggers i'm taggin:
- nobody to tag,they've been tagged..oh ya wait.You!

Esta managed to pull me to play o2jam..and im enjoying it..hahahahahahahh
im naked and bald..and im level one..cmon give me some clothes..anyone?
and a guitar please.

- mir

i want to blog more,just that i got too much gaming to do,ill do it tommorow,i promise

Bosstrain at 10:40 PM

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Here,Smoked Fries coming at ya.

Somehow,Burger King's French Fries isnt just good enough for this girl,therefore she tried to alter the fries according to her innate desire of doing something new.

Yea..Smoked Fries.

I had a really REALLY fun day today meeting a gorgeous girl I always wanted to darling esta'cy.

Ah im caught,getting high and shit.
estaddicted..bahaya ni.

Went to BK,then pusing pusing..and i beat her at pool..what more could i ask today.Maybe one thing,taxi fares dont kill people anymore.hehehe.

me with the silly smile again.

- mir

Bosstrain at 12:24 AM

Monday, May 01, 2006

Kay Ell
Ku-A-La Lum-Pur

I love this city,its better then any other city in the world.period

Today,my dad got a screw loose up in his head and decided not to drive to KL.WHAT? we took the KTM Kommuter ,then the Putra LRT.Im not complaining,its one of the refreshest thing I've done in a while with my family.
Fun to see KL from its roots.I met alot of tourist along the way.Most of them are Aussies..I can tell by their accents.

KTM Subang..the public transportation for the masses..train..

Thats my family standing just after the stairs.They seems pretty excited as for my sisters,this is their first time boarding the KTM.

Hahah Cheap thrills..hahahahah

Eh brother close ur mouth la,what if that women farts? Tak ke mati katak ..lolz

It was the same ol thing for me.Give seat to sister,stand up for the journey.
lucky i brought my mp3 player.

Went to KLCC then to Pasar Seni.Man its been like 10 years since i last went there.I was suprised to see the place hasnt changed too much..however..its full of..FKIN INDONS,BANGLAS,NEPALESEs,

apa pasal ramai sangat ni,Pak Lah..dooooo somethinggggg
Time for some picsssah

-mir heeheee

Bosstrain at 10:43 PM