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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

yes,happy.why happy?

tons to reason to be happy.

I got the IPTA thingy,yeaa to UPM doing ComSci.
I did something that I didnt expect to do it.

maggi 3 bungkus,air satu jug..settled

Since i read Yue's blog,she's tagging anyone who reads it,so im It..lolz

four movies i can watch over and over:
- Ronin (yea no doubt,Jean Reno and De Niro together? awesome)
- The Gladiator (yea,one of my all timers)
- Leon (again,Jean Reno fan here)
- Gone in 60 Seconds

four places ive lived:
-Penang (Pantai Jerejak)
-Subang Jaya (USJ2)
-Seremban (Taman Rajawali)
and thats about it.

four of my favourite dishes:
Heh,this i can list more then 4

- nasi campur (mixed rice)
- satay
- hot dog
- mee Kungfu

four sites i visit daily:
- Utopia
- Fyzi
- Zerotohundred
- Forum Lowyat

four places i'd rather be right now:
- Cherating,sitting down at the beach with my mp3 player,looking at the sea beneath the moonlight.
- Penang,sitting at the Gurney Drive eating cendol and char kuey tiow.
- Berlin, my uncle's crib getting ready for the cup of life
- with someone i love in the RX-8 strolling down Bukit Bintang with a cup of vanilla coffee.

four bloggers i'm taggin:
- nobody to tag,they've been tagged..oh ya wait.You!

Esta managed to pull me to play o2jam..and im enjoying it..hahahahahahahh
im naked and bald..and im level one..cmon give me some clothes..anyone?
and a guitar please.

- mir

i want to blog more,just that i got too much gaming to do,ill do it tommorow,i promise

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