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Monday, May 01, 2006

Kay Ell
Ku-A-La Lum-Pur

I love this city,its better then any other city in the world.period

Today,my dad got a screw loose up in his head and decided not to drive to KL.WHAT? we took the KTM Kommuter ,then the Putra LRT.Im not complaining,its one of the refreshest thing I've done in a while with my family.
Fun to see KL from its roots.I met alot of tourist along the way.Most of them are Aussies..I can tell by their accents.

KTM Subang..the public transportation for the masses..train..

Thats my family standing just after the stairs.They seems pretty excited as for my sisters,this is their first time boarding the KTM.

Hahah Cheap thrills..hahahahah

Eh brother close ur mouth la,what if that women farts? Tak ke mati katak ..lolz

It was the same ol thing for me.Give seat to sister,stand up for the journey.
lucky i brought my mp3 player.

Went to KLCC then to Pasar Seni.Man its been like 10 years since i last went there.I was suprised to see the place hasnt changed too much..however..its full of..FKIN INDONS,BANGLAS,NEPALESEs,

apa pasal ramai sangat ni,Pak Lah..dooooo somethinggggg
Time for some picsssah

-mir heeheee

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