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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hey.Crap Myteam lostt.and my Schumi got demoted from hero to zero thanks to an accident they thought he purposely did..... jeezzz

All this while i was thinking of what i'm going to do when i hit University.. should I change,to be a more responsible person? Hahah..yeah why not

To be a more responsible person,you got to know what is it for you to improve on..the easiest way to do that is to ask..your parents

Firstly,I really regretted asking dad some of the question I really wanted the answer from him.I would always get back some really shitty answers

Dad,why dont you stop smoking,for the good of all of us (pointing at my siblings and my mom)

"Amir,thats true but I think you can do alot more good if you had studied harder and get a scholarship so you can get a degree,thus a job to help us all"

Ah,the good sarcasm

"What good does it make if im rich but you're dead anyway?"

Well,first off,you can have my cars and pimp around with chicks..

Asshole,im serious here and here's what I get.Dad,sometime I wish we dont share the same charactheristic to be sarcastic when we dont need get me wrong,you're still the best dad in the world.Just with a minor defect up in your brain.I guess smoking does things to you.

"DAD,why would you need to do that? Cant you wait until he moves over so you can overtake?"

"Because I can do it,so I did it.If i cant do it,I wont do it"


Im saving money in order for SuperGT,Merdeka Millenium Endu-race,RE Trackday..which is coming oh -so - fast 10 June..

Oh ya.Happy Birthday Alex! aka Saru-kun,my rotary grandmeister.Wish you all the best in UK soon and your FD3S RX-7 Efini project..lolz.



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