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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Backk with a vengeance.
Im done with fancy skins,glittering entry.Now its back to the f . u . n . d . a . m . e . n . t . a . l of blogging ..which,not the skins,amir..but the blog itself.

Why the sudden change? blame my life.
Its not always been a bed of roses when you only have rm8.90 per day to have your

+ coke/cafe/bus/LRT/spending chicks/more chicks/chickenrice

Yeah..tension,well dont blame me for being too childish and selfish.At list I have money to spend ..yeah that's true.

You see,thing is
I can live without TV for weeks
I can try to live without going into the internet for 3 hours
I can live without handphone
I can live without the comfort of having your toilet that has a water heater

BUT I DEFINITELY cannot live without eating.I confess..i LIVE to eat.

How can you eat Nasi Bujang
(Bachelor's Rice) where they give you a plate of rice,an egg and a small bowl of cheap soup.
What does all this tells you?
Study hard,get a rice with chicken and beef all the time.I so enjoy having dinner at home now..its like some grand ball buffet all you can eat for me.

wanna know what i did today,all the usual "amir do this do that" .Dad asked me to wash the car and as a responsible son,i would ..that is till the rain comes marching in,so i decided to go to Subang Parade for a quick visit,wanted to buy new pants so i went to Reject Shop.
took this nice Ecko jeans and brought it into the changingroom.

I thought "yea amir,this pants is hawt..phattt lewt"
but then maybe after you put your handphone and wallet on it then you can judge nice or not..
so then I did..


Cute kakak counter - semuanya RM34.66 sen

Me - erm okie dokie

where the hell is my wallet?

where the hell is my handphoneee??

Fuck..i've been robbeddd @#$@#$@#$@#$

Me - kakak kakak,kakak lawa la hari ni..make up apa pakai ni?

*psst boleh tak saya pinjam phone..nak kena call mak saya*

then my phone..sounded so glouriously like a war trumpet sounding the march of victory.

there they were,my wallet ..fully brimmed with money that I supposed to pay for the service fee's,my Mykad,and everything parked nicely there on the other side of the store.

Oh so lucky,everything's still intact.picked up the jeans with the phone and the wallet inside

"ohh! itu pun mak saya"

i took out the cash and paid straight without hesitation..and fled quickly.

its like the whole Berlin wall came down crashing on my face.goshhhhhhhhhhhhh amir farhan how in the blue sky can you forget your wallet and handphone.


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