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Thursday, August 24, 2006

*opens door (my hostel 'crib')

long time long time no update,how are you? I hope you are well off and wont blast me again for my absent from my blog.As you can see,i've been enjoying life to the fullest,playing LAN games with my friends..DOTA at night

Here's some picture from my hostel

(We are bunch of guys,so ..)

This is the messed up version of our Round Table.You see the pillow? Thats my damned pillow they're using to fight eachother with.Notice someone is sleeping infront of the TV due to excessive Winning Eleven fights.

self explainatory (an electric guitar to blast in the Guitar Hero),a friend of mine here can perform seriously neat card tricks.

..... .... .... not my sampah

one night i was so tensed up because i cant go down to have something to eat..sooooooo i bought a burner to satisfy my needs.notice the leftover maggi :D

Batu caves...*shrugs*



a 53 horses/55 nm torque pocket trishaw Daihatsu Charade Aura.

nah,long waited pictures..reside here eternally


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