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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Howdy peeps,long time since i stepped in here and write things eh?

Miss me? You better be.

Fasting month beckons,Today is the fifth day of the reckoning of the holy Ramadhan month.
You see,Quran stated that any good deeds in the Ramadhan month will be rewarded as if you're be doing the same deed for the past 1000 months?

Everyday I dream about icecream,white classic vanilla..yum

Thing is about fasting is,to properly "fast",you got to take it "slow".
I dont know,but my beautiful mind cant seem to translate it into words on what I want to say today actually.

Lets start about this,how do you live your life?

Are you a risk taker? or you always play it by the books?

I was confronted by this particular question a couple of days ago after reading EstherLauDerLyn's blog.Interesting.Now i want to discuss this in my personal space,lets start.

Firstly,why do we NEED to be a risk taker.It is perfectly safe to do anything by using our rationale and logical senses before committing something,the outcome would most probably be what we expected,but then...

by taking some of these risks,such as flamboyant designs ker?,a relationship with someone that we just met,but our heart tells us to go on? You wouldnt know what would happen if you do,so thats a risk.

Why take risks? because we can.You can only know the outcome by doing it.How can you possibly get something out of the ordinary without trying to do something outside the box?

Dont be afraid to take risks,how do we identify which one to take and which one not to? I dont know about you,but I have a strong gut feeling that guides me.
Gut feelings aren't usually right,but it serves its purpose to give you a slight hint anyway.

Maybe one day, when you found yourself lost in translation,maybe unemployed in the middle of your life and wondered..

"Why is this happening to me?"

then,you realised that maybe by taking some risks before,you would do something you never thought you would and could do and most probably feel good about it.

what am i'm turning?a philosophical bastard.hoho

*I cant even take care of my own self and now im writing about taking chances?

Good to share on what you know anyway.Im a very opinionated person.I have my views on everything.What makes me a little different from me and you? Unlike most people,I judge something with no biased feeling what so ever,so you can count on me when it comes to honesty.

Im not saying im perfect and has a good record in everything that i do..sports keh,academics.

haha academics,i scored 0 for my Additional Mathematics before.Do you even get a zero before? I dont think so.Have you been suspended from school before? I dont think so.

The point is ,different experience equals different perspective.Thats why we have blogs,to speak our minds,to listen to what others has to say.You might know something I dont,I might know something that you dont.

simple reason why you got to listen to me most of the times XD.
right or wrong,you're the judge.

The second issue i had in mind was love.
Heheh,favourite topic in blogs other then screwing assignments and boring college lifes of all the blogs out there is love.

Im really damn tired of reading even of my closest friends blog which tells me all about their boring assignments and lectures.Sure,do it once..but hey WE get the point.No need to do it everyday you see.

Look at me,do I complain about my assignments before? NO !

*that is..if i do my assignments..HAHA lets not stray out of the topic here*

Why should we be afraid of having commitments even with these monkey lovelives most of us think will lead us to marriage? Hmm,lets see..

ah lets talk this over tonight.I got to go somewhere.

a quick trivia.Where can anybody but you sit?
tell me.


Listening to - Special EFX - Sambuca

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey guys.Lets go straight to the point.

I just bought a car.Yes most of you know this,but do you actually seen it before? Noooh?
I named guess it..the "Old Lady"

So much for the flamboyant racing red image that I am trying to instill..but who am i kidding.Its only has so much to give (53 SAE horsepower/55 NM torque)

My band of mechanics was totally dumbstrucked when I told them I pushed "Old Lady" up to some 165 kmh at the highway..chasing a Singaporean BMW e90 5 Series.Not only they did not believe she can go that fast,they also concluded that I am a bonafide idiot to do so.
Do you have enough sanity to drive some red tin box up to 3 digit speed,slamming the throttle pedal almost 30 minutes without break?

You know what drives me? I just hate to lose to Singaporeans on the road.
Especially those ones flashing their beautiful Angel Eyes HID beams from nearly 2 miles away asking me to step off.

Sure,do it once.I'll understand..heck..I drive a BMW too you know.But flashing like a maniac from Hell with no signs of slowing down while i am waking up the leftover horses in my stable to overtake some lorry is a real big deal to me.They cant speed in Singapore,so they want to come here and do this to me ???

NO WAY.those incident while i was gated' by a Toyota Wish while driving the RX-8 just cant get off my mind about how Singaporean acts on our turf.who gives a damn if this is just a 15 year old car?
Go for it Daihatsu,lets give them something to ponder.

Reality, very cruel.Went past me he did,with style and grace too.I bet he was pulling some 200kmh,listening to some Billy Joel tunes on Light and Easy while i was in the verge of wrecking my car,pushing it to an all time high of 165kmh when the 3 cylinders raging for a break at 5450 rpm.

That night,I drove from Alor Gajah Toll to my hostel in Batu 1 hour and 4 minutes,averaging at list 130kmh and travelled a total of 169 km.That was the point i really developed a sense of respect to my "Old Lady".

Here are some pictures.

Seats were from a Honda Intergra DA model.Got if off for free,not bad~

Notice that Clarion headunit? the whole set costed me RM3000 including a nice 200W 2 channel amp and some coaxial speakers/woofers.I even asked for a custom wooden board to fit the woofers and to generate better bass/low sound.

On a lighter note,I was in my cousin wedding last month.I want to wish my cousin Jija a happy life and hoped that she will be happy eternally with his husband,Abang Man.She was the one who took care of me while Mak and Abah was working back in the 1990's.

I wanna get married too..hmph XD

- mir

Bosstrain at 10:55 PM