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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wassup dudes and dudettes

Hahaha Happy New Year,we're in the 2007 now.
My first update in 2007,hopefully not the last too :D
How is everybody doing? Good I suppose?

I just got back from Beijing,China after 5 days of holiday and self-exploration trip to one of my dream vacation spots in the world.

my home in the net has been dead for quite some time much for my aim of non-stop blogging since day 1..not to mention the countless mails I've been getting for not updating my blog.

Hahahha i miss having an email from a gay brazillian once..Shit man gotta have more of that,those make up my day reall good.

A new year,new resolution..of course you wont need to read it,but if you do,then you're doing so? ?? WTF?

1) To score my Diploma programme beyond my father and mother best imagination possible.

2) of course,to have a girlfriend to settle down with..the hell with "They will come" enchantment and "They will be somebody good enough for you,amir" curses..I want one now!

3) my car..of course.upgrades,engine swap

4) my dad to get a better job then his shitty one right now.

5) I want my car club to grow tenfolds and be one of the leading car clubs in Malaysia.

6) a good part time job for me to work and gain some experience.

Yea these are few of my current wishes..

Im missing alot of people lately,alottt of people..namely my "kakak" DerLyn,my best pals like Hazwan,Hazly.. (dude bila nak main dota lagi bai?)

Not to mention,my all girls support - Valerie..bleh vallie what you doing a? I miss you leh.

Ok lets talk about Beijing..One of my all time dream vacation spot.
on second thought..lets let the pictures do the talking

Beijing Capital International Airport

Tianmin Square,infront of Forbidden City

where the emperor chooses his concubines - Forbidden City Living District

me at Tianmin square

no comment

btw,why the fuck is my car in China???



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