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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dad,please forgive my sins for not telling the truth everytime my mouth speak out words.I am sure you will forgive me and also let me have some of your wealth for instance,that really sick' Breitling you just bought and also your lovely Jaguar.

DAD I LOVE YOU ! (shit,im lying thru my nose here)

My dad didnt fell for it.He for one knows that I am a really accomplished liar that managed to lie
my way through my 4 month work period.Heheheh just remembering the old days.

How have you been? Good?
I've shifted back to Gombak and rented my own room there.Cool eh? Of course la cool

Exams over.Peace needed.Losing hair due to my misaligned grille and different colored hood.

Bosstrain at 11:36 PM